Moein Khajehnejad

PhD candidate in Computational and Collective Intelligence
Address: Level 2, Woodside Building for Technology and Design, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia
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I am a soon-to-be graduated Ph.D. student at the department of Data Science and AI, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia . I work on the problem of task allocation and decision making in multi-agent systems using Evolutionary Graph Theory as well as Reinforcement Learning.
I am also a part-time data scientist at Cortical Labs, aiming to compare the performance of live biological neurons with state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning based agents in the Atari game environments.

In 2019, I was a visiting scholar at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), working under the supervision of Prof. Adish Singla the head of Machine Teaching group and Prof. Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez in Saarbrücken, Germany .

Prior to that, I earned my B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran . As an undergraduate student, I devoted a big portion of my studies to professional research and I had the opportunity to be a research intern in world’s prestigious universities.

I worked with Prof. Karl Aberer, head of Distributed Information Systems Laboratory (LSIR), and Dr. Alex Constantin at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) as a visiting researcher in Lausanne, Switzerland

 I also had the experience of being a visiting scholar in the statNLP group with the supervision of Prof. Lu Wei at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD-MIT) in Singapore .

I was also a research intern at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) working at SyMLab under supervision of Prof. Pan Hui and Dr. Tongfeng Weng in Hong Kong

During these visits, I worked on state of the art topics like complex network analysis, network embedding, topic modeling, natural language processing, decision making , and fairness.

My research interests are:

  • Multi-agent systems and Collective Behaviour
  • Reinforcement Learning and Evolutionary Game Theory
  • Social Networks Analysis and Graph Representation Learning